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Random Cool Things [Feb. 26th, 2010|10:26 am]
(I'm at home today with a cold. Headachey and generally feel bad. So here's some random entertaining things in an effort to cheer up.)

  • Solving Rubik's Cube with Lego -- Lego robot that can solve Rubik's Cubes. Also include a video of the world record human solve... Take a guess how long you think it is for a random cube before you click the link. :)

  • Book Book laptop case -- The coolest MacBook case ever.

  • Imperial Officer T-shirt -- Subtle Star Wars geekery. If not for the price (Zazzle's not a good deal), I'd be tempted to get one and wear it to work just to see who recognized it.

  • Why I get irritated with CSI -- And it doesn't even have anything to do with furry. (That's number two.)

  • survey banner

[User Picture]From: sabercat
2010-02-26 07:19 pm (UTC)


Why didn't they have legos like this when I was a kid? AMAZING.
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[User Picture]From: loranskunky
2010-02-27 12:55 am (UTC)
Thank you, I've been looking for that CSI image sense I forgot to save it last time I saw it.
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[User Picture]From: patch_bunny
2010-03-05 01:34 am (UTC)
There's a delightful parody of that CSI gimmick in season 9 of Red Dwarf.
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