Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Stuffs for the Start of the Fourth Month

  • First up, Google Wave. I like Wave but it has been catching on slowly. It's a nice email/persistent chat/multimedia share sorta thing.

    But now it's even better! Google has a new notification option: Google Wave Wave.

    Additionally, marko_the_rat has pointed out Google Australia has localized directions. Nice!

  • And though the day's not done, I think Yippee's unPopUFur performing service is a brilliant post. You win, sir! :)

  • Then there's this article, which I think is not a joke: Policeman in Rabbit Costume Performs Motorist Sting. I mean, yielding to pedestrians in a crosswalk is the law but you've got to be a hard-hearted bastard to not yield to a bunny in a crosswalk. (Even if it's a pretty poor quality costume; fursuit criticism shouldn't be conducted via bumper impacts.)

  • Lastly, I thought about doing a foolish post for today but, well, I'm not the sort that really gets into that. The "lie to your friends" thing gets old and isn't my style. I thought about some completely implausible posting...

    Since Ryngs announced he's a rat (posted yesterday), maybe there are just too many rats and I need to change species. But this line of thinking backfired when I realized that I didn't know what other species I should be! :P There are a couple I sorta associate with but nothing like rats. You can't teach an old rat to change his stripes! (Or something.)

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