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News & Tidbits

First off, thanks for the responses on the initials puzzle. I hope everyone had fun with it!

I'll be putting up some more (and less) substantive posts soon. In the meantime, some news stories you might've missed:

  • Plans for Polish presidency. This story is not particularly amusing and I certainly don't want to make light of a tragedy. But please read this opening paragraph of CNN copy:
    "Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the twin brother of the Polish president killed in a plane crash earlier this month, will be a candidate to succeed him, his party announced Monday."

    Now, is it just me, or does that sound like the beginning of a TV guide movie description? Didn't I see this movie on TNT and the brother wasn't really dead -- he returned and tried to kill his twin to take back his position?

  • "Life will find a way": How strange can extremophiles get? Check out recent discoveries of multicellular life requiring no oxygen and life within a liquid asphalt lake.

  • "Mortal Kombadger": The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is pitting Badgers and Skunks Against Pelicans. They need to control the bird population on Gull Island. (Gull Island? Now it's just getting confusing.)

  • "I Am SO Ahead of the Curve on Wanting Rat Fur, Just Not That Way":

    Rat fur is the new fashion trend
    . Yup. Rat, more specifically the nutria (that's the one on the right in the photo), is being heralded as a new fashion fur.

    I've read this article twice and I'm still not sure if they're serious or if they think the designers are pulling their leg or if the entire fashion industry is trying to pull its own legs. I will choose to believe that they are going for humor with the line, "It's known as 'responsible fur' because rats don't deserve to live, anyway, and nutrias are an invasive species in the American bayou." [emphasis mine] Humor in worse taste than gamey nutria meat.

  • "I'd Be Lucky to Complete Out of Suit":

    Chelsea lion mascot completes London Marathon
    . Hot damn. Hot hot hot damn, actually. That's some darn impressive fursuiting endurance!

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