Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

A Grand Day Out

Had a great deal of family fun today..

We took part in the Bellingham Procession of the Species. It's a fun local-artsy-sorta parade celebrating the full spectrum of fauna.

Timothy and I walked the parade as Big Bad Wolf (aka Tatters) and Little Bad Wolf. Well, I say he walked it but in reality he walked the first half and rode on mommy's shoulders for the second half.

There were about a half dozen fursuiters there. The parade organizers even referred to us as "furries" (in a nice way) when lining us up.

Got a chance to chat with some of the folks afterwards while decompressing, which was cool. (Though it was just a little parade, I always get anxious before any sort of performing and always have a mini-crash afterwards. I can't help it.) And I finally saw Matrices and Scrambles out of suit after knowing them both for a while now. Ah, the weird ways of fursuiters. :)

More later once we have photos.

BTW, if you're ever in Bellingham, I recommend you grab a bite at Coconut Kenny's. Broiler sandwiches on planks of hawaiian bread -- YUM.

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