Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

The Magic of YouTube

Every now and again, I search YouTube for old things I'd like to see and, every now and again, there's a pleasant surprise! The site has encouraged a lot of people to dig up old recordings and videos and put them online. So now I can share...

Denny Goes Airsurfing

A relatively simplistic animation from 1989 but it was a one-person effort and his first animated piece! I think it has a bit of lasting charm to it. A must see for dragon fans.


A classic juggling/manipulation routine from the late 90s featuring Jack Kalvan and Rick Rubenstein. Synchronized flowerpot handling. Gotta love it.

And, yes, that Rick Rubenstein! It's rare to find footage of him performing... What do you mean "Who?" He's so famous that he has a juggling pattern named after him! Now that's serious cred. :)

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