Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

SpaceX Test Launch In Progress

SpaceX count has resumed. At T-12min.

Update: T-5min. Vehicle running on internal systems; terminal count.

Update: Auto abort to launchpad safe mode just after engine start at T-3sec.

No official word yet on whether they'll recycle and make another attempt in today's launch window.

So far, not too surprising. I figured engine issues or inclement weather were the likely outcomes for today. Recall that they're trying to simultaneously start nine separate engines for flight. Quite a feat.

Update: They confirmed that one engine had a parameter go out of bounds and that triggered the abort. Sounds like they're still optimistic about turning around for another attempt.

Update: Count recycled to T-15min. That puts T0 at around 11:45 PST.

Update: LIFTOFF! Cleared tower 11:45. First stage good so far.

Update: Stage Separation. Second stage ignition successful.

Update: Holy cow. Second stage performed cleanly. Engine shutdown on time. Falcon 9 ACHIEVED ORBIT on the first test of this new vehicle and configuration! Amazing.

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