Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Fursuit Supplies on Amazon

This is a bunch of links to fursuit-making supplies you can get on Amazon. Most are good prices and available for Prime – that's the program where you pay an annual fee and don't pay shipping on individual items.

I'm putting this up since I'll shortly be doing RainFurrest panels about materials and want this as a reference. But it might be useful to everyone else out there, too. I also have a handout for non-Amazon sources for everything else. If I have a chance, I'll put that up.


Respirator Mask


Dust Masks

$15.39 for 20

Disposable Gloves

$17.69 for 100

Safety Goggles







Hot Glue Sticks

$21.27 for 5lb box

Hot Glue Gun

$28.99 (there are cheaper models)


Disposable Brushes

$13.90 for 144

X-Acto Knife


X-Acto Blades

$25.37 for 100

Fiskars Scissors

(good price, great scissors)

Thread Scissors

(good for fur detailing)

Tape Measure


Bobbin Winder


Magnetic Pin Keeper



Strong Magnets

$10.39 for 12

Duffle Bags
$18.59 - $23.29

Zip Ties

$6.49 for 100

InstaMorph Thermoplastic

$16.95 for 12oz

Yes, these are referrer links. You don't pay any more, though. It just means Amazon kicks back, like, a nickel to me if you buy something. I might be able to buy an iced tea at Starbucks after all this! :)

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