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Misc Amusements Du Jour

Sir Ian McKellan explains ACTING:


What does your chinese or japanese tattoo really say? (It turns out that, many times, it says you were drunk and don't speak those languages at all.) Even more embarassing, there's evidently been an "asian alphabet" used by tattoo parlors to "translate" names letter by letter... despite the fact that the languages have different alphabets, concepts of "word", grammar, cultural connotations, etc.

As an aside, I know what the symbol for "rat" (in the zodiac context) looks like and it's rather nice. If I were to get a tattoo, though, I'd go for a pawprint. Not that I plan on ever getting a tattoo. Anyway...

Corporate-legal amusement: a diagram of who's suing whom in the mobile phone biz:

(click for article)

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