Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Snow & Ice; Thanksgiving Trip Early

Getting home from work on Monday was an adventure. I left work at 4:10. Caught the 4:40 ferry over to Bainbridge Island. Snow had been falling all day and I wanted to get home but turns out it had already gotten rather bad...

The bus finally got to the ferry terminal and we started out at 6:20 or so. The highway was a sheet of ice. The line of buses and cars crept along. Several people had abandoned, parking their vehicles and just walking. (Most of these people passed us. But the bus was warm and I could sit.) There was a collision and several cars off the road.

I got home at 9:10, setting a new record for my commute: 5 hours. :P

Power had been out at our house since 5pm Monday. As of 1pm Tuesday, it hadn't been restored and the power company could provide no ETA. So, not relishing another cold night in the increasingly frigid house, we abandoned and made the slow trek south to relatives for an early start to the Thanksgiving visit.

Took a few pics before we left. It was a substantial amount of snow, about 5", but the real issue was the ice underneath. Hopefully I'll get to post pics later tonight or tomorrow.

Here's what Seattle traffic looks like.

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