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Lappy error? Very yes. [Apr. 3rd, 2011|08:28 am]

Computer froze up last night and couldn't reboot.

Booting in single console mode show it's encountering errors in the os records and journal blocks. Unable to mount disk. The Mac disk repair tool is unable to find/repair the issue, though.

Off to Apple store today to get a second opinion and see if they have any better recovery tools.

My main question is whether it's purely software or this might be a sign of disk failure.

That and how much I'll lose. Last full data backup was about two months ago. Synced some items last month. Backup up novel writing two days ago -- fortuitous launch timing of Amazon Cloud Drive! Will lose some short story work, my wiki notes, and (EEP!) this years tax document records. :[

More later.

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[User Picture]From: skylerbunny
2011-04-03 04:03 pm (UTC)
Ow! This is kind of a weird coincidence after I was just talking to you about getting a laptop, too.

Hm. Even if it is disk failure, there's a fair chance they can get most of your files off (if some of the disk is messed up but not other parts). Here's hoping!
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[User Picture]From: nicodemusrat
2011-04-03 07:41 pm (UTC)
The errors appear to indicate something wrong/gone in the journaling file structure. No idea yet if recovery is doable.
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[User Picture]From: thump
2011-04-03 04:45 pm (UTC)
I've a been a carbonite user for many years (they back end everyone on S3). Been reading the info on CloudDrive for the last couple days. Not as economical for the individual user of it you have a much data I do, but regardless, I would encourage everyone to get their critical data into a secure cloud location ASAP as in yesterday! 5GB free should be plenty for most people's "critital" data. :) You could use other free services (dropbox, etc..) but they all backend on amazon S3 anyway! :)
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[User Picture]From: nicodemusrat
2011-04-03 06:57 pm (UTC)
I haven priced Carbonite but have heard good things about it. I generally back to an external hdd via rsync script. But as noted, I just recently uploaded one of my writing folders to CloudDrive. (works fine but very manual.)
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[User Picture]From: furahi
2011-04-03 07:13 pm (UTC)
I highly recommend CrashPlan, ESP if you can find someone *coughtreycough* to host your offsite backups, and you can return the favor doing the same for them.
It's automated and, if used like this, free
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[User Picture]From: thump
2011-04-04 01:12 am (UTC)
My backup strategy is multi-tiered. I used Acronis True Image nightly to an external drive. It can recover my computer exactly as it was to the last snapshot, no re-installs, so extra work. Just boot, button, back to where I was.
I use Carbonite to back up all my data off-site.

Acronis protects me agains the usual virus, bad program install, accidental deletes, etc... and has a very fast and easy recovery time.
Carbonite protects me against fire, theft or loss of external drive.

Substitute in your fav snapshot program (or time machine for mac, etc...) to an external drive.
Sub in your fav online backup such as Carbonite, CloudDrive, CrashPlan, or just a plan Amazon S3 cloud data client.

A solid, comprehensive backup and recovery strategy, and not expensive.
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[User Picture]From: kj_roo
2011-04-03 05:33 pm (UTC)
<3 apple's Time Machine backup thing. I don't have their hardware time machine box. It backs up the lappy to a share on my uberbox raid array.
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[User Picture]From: harvardheinous
2011-04-03 09:30 pm (UTC)
I'm always good about keeping backups myself, but just a few days ago I bookmarked CrashPlan's site to remind myself to look into that, one of these days.
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[User Picture]From: yasha_taur
2011-04-04 12:05 am (UTC)
The guy at the Apple store may offer to sell you Disk Warrior, which is an awesome directory repair tool. But they will not 'just run it on your disk', until you buy it. It sells for $99.

If that cannot repair the disk, the next step would be Data Rescue. (also $99) If the disk is spinning and it can be read from, Data Rescue will salvage a lot of your data off of the disk.

As others have pointed out, 10.5 and 10.6 have Time Machine. External hard drives are cheap. A winning combo....
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[User Picture]From: sabercat
2011-04-04 02:48 am (UTC)

Sorry to hear that!

Quality has definitely been much lower lately. :(
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