Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

New "Weird" Al Yankovic Album

Al released his latest album Alpocalypse last week! It's a mixed bag, like many of his albums. But he again shows his flexibility on styles. My picks (if you're just wanting to grab a few tracks, for example):

Skipper Dan
My pick for best song off the album. (The video is nothing special, though.) Fun, amusing, and catchy. Despite all the hoopla about Lady Gaga and rights, I don't think the "Perform This Way" track is more than average; if anything, it just makes me want to listen to Gaga's original! "Skipper Dan" has managed to stick with me and rattle around my head.

direct link

It's tough to pick which has the best video. It comes down to whether you're an old "Match Game" fan or whether you like kinetic type videos. And if you like both, as I know I do, then it's a toss up!

CNR (Charles Nelson Reilly)

direct link

Stop Forwarding that Crap to Me

direct link

Yay Yankovic! He and TMBG are the ongoing musical groups that have been presences in my life for multiple decades.. and who are still releasing things that I like. Support 'em today and buy some good tunes! :)
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