Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Bowling - Tim's First and My Furriest

Went to a local furmeet, When Furballs Strike VI. Lots of fun! I wish I could get to more events. This one was relatively local (up in Bothell north of the city), I actually heard about it a few days ahead, and we didn't happen to have travel/family/etc. scheduled.

We made a family trip of it. Kit, Tim, baby Lottie, and I bundled into the car, caught the ferry, and headed over for an afternoon of furry bowling. Timothy had a great time. The suits were fun as was bowling itself. He got really into it (for someone who's four). Very cool.

I bowled in Tatters (werewolf). We shared a lane with Ithabise (german shepherd) and Amani (lion), who were entertaining and good-spirited partners. Also chatted with Mousepaws, Rain Rat, Scrambles, Samwise, and other fun furry folks.

Thank you, thank you, to Kijani Lion for organizing these fun (and family-friendly) events! Good times together for all.

(click here for the full-size photo gallery)

(click here for the full-size photo gallery)

Photos by myself and Kit Ping.

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