Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,


I have a Google+ account. It looks like the sort of semi-social semi-content service that I've been hoping would come along. Yeah, there are some issues, but I am optimistic about the direction.

Find me there as nicodemustherat.

So who all is on G+ that isn't in my circles? If you need an invite, let me know.

Or if you're using your "real" name on G+ but I know you as a furry, please let me know who you are... I have enough trouble with one name per person! :P

I'll still be writing on LJ, too. In general, I foresee my longer and/or more substantive writings here. Updates, chatter, and news links on G+. Art (occasionally) and photos (gonna try to show off more furry workshop stuff) on FA (nicodemusrat). Still not on Twitter or Facebook. And you can sometimes find me lurking on IM, as well.


- The attempting-to-be-social ratty

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