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Critter Costuming Book Update

For people interested, here's the scoop on the book. (See my previous entry for backstory)

So, as previously discussed, we hit some snags when pulling the book together. To be fair, I had been behind schedule on my end due, largely, to me becoming employed again; work just takes soooo much time. So it's a good reason to be behind but it still put a crimp in the schedule.

When we began putting things together for the final, we realized that we really didn't have all of the details quite right. We needed some more photos of certain things, or some extra captions, or a couple good editing passes on the chapters I wrote near the end. It looks pretty good but it isn't quite the polished product we wanted yet.

So we bumped the release date. That does mean we will not be premiering the book at FC. And, embarassingly, I told my pre-orderers (there has to be a good word for that?) that it would be at FC. So I just sent out email updates on that.

In order to have something tangible at FC, we're printing galley copies. This is what I talked about before: it's the 99% version of the book. Almost all of the content is in there it just hasn't been polished, refined, and tightened as much as we'd like.

I hope people will think it's worth the delay. (Boy, am I clinging to that hope...)

And here's the scary part... It's currently over 200 pages! This is after cutting several chapters and editing down sections. How did I ever write that much? We want to get the finished book down to about 180-190 pages. Given my wordy writing (c.f. this entry), we can probably get most of the way there just by condensing my text.

So when will the finished book be out? Dunno. We haven't negotiated a new date yet. I'll post here as soon as we've got one.

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