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Space Shuttle Quiz [Jul. 20th, 2011|04:52 pm]
So we've had the last shuttle launch and are now on the eve of the last shuttle landing. It's been an amazing program, as most space programs are. Whether you argue it was limited and overly politicized or ambitious and inspiring... it has been interesting.

I think it's always a proud moment when humans are able to escape the bounds of the planet, even briefly.

And let us not forget that, 42 years ago today, Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon.

Now some questions, purely for your amusement. Answers under the cut.

  • Q1: Do you know how many successful shuttle launches there have been?
  • Q2: How many pad aborts have there been? (An abort after the shuttle engines light in the last 7 seconds but are stopped before liftoff.)
  • Q3: How many launch aborts have there been? (An abort during the powered flight portion of liftoff.)
  • Q4: How many abort modes were there for shuttle launches? (gettin' geeky with this one)
  • Q5: What's the role/callsign of the person who talks directly to the shuttle crew from Mission Control? (Hint: It's somewhat archaic, as the shuttle has a "cockpit" rather than a "capsule".)
  • Q6: How about the person relaying commentary to the public? (aka "the voice of NASA")

Bonus: Quiz on the BBC website