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RainFurrest Con Report

Kit, Trey, and I stayed at the Clarion overflow hotel because, well, we’re a bit disorganized and though our group had talked about reservations none of us quite, actually, in fact, made hotel reservations until shortly before the con. The overflow hotel was pretty good, though. Not fancy but pretty clean and had no real complaints. Bummer for fursuiters, though, as there’s a wide, busy street between it and the main con hotel. That’s a bit daunting for those of us who have to take off our glasses to get into suit. Ah, well. Next year, earlier hotel reservations for us!

Matrices caught me early on and gave me a nice laminated version of this character art she did for me! It was a thank you for helping her do a lifecast and getting it in physical badge form was a pleasant surprise to start off the con. Many squeaks of thanks!

I was on two panels Friday: “Head Construction” and “Patterning and Sewing”.

For the first, Ithabise was the other panelist and revealed how ridiculously underprepared I was. (We had pulled in later than expected so most of my stuff was still packed since my wife was checking into the hotel during the panel.) Fortunately, Ithabise had brought a ton of great example pieces. I could contribute some information and some materials samples. The panel went well, overall.

The second was on all aspects of patterning and sewing. I was honored to do it with BeetleCat, the fursuit Guest of Honor. I tried to cover the basics of draping and pattern drafting in about 15 minutes. Let me just say, in my defense, that it’s HARD to condense the design process of sewing patterns down that much. But I’m hoping that the people there, who seemed to definitely be interested in this stuff, got what they needed (at least to get them started). It’s definitely an area where familiarity and practice provide an enormous benefit.

I went to a number of panels throughout the con. (I do love panels. The talks and workshops are often the majority of my con activities.)

Alan Dean Foster was a great writer GoH. I got my book club hardback of “Quozl” signed, as I already have a signed “Spellsinger”. Really nice guy, had no problem interacting with fans (seems mildly into furry but generally had a “it’s harmless fun” attitude) but was clearly caught offguard by some of the “unstructured” nature of time and panels at a furry con. What I’m saying is that he ended up filling in with personal stories and anecdotes between and during panels; which was fine, because they were entertaining, too.

    “The most enjoyable thing about writing for me is when I’m well into a book and I have a problem I know I have to solve but I have no idea what it’s going to be. I know it’ll come along, organically out of the story. That eureka moment is a rush of endorphins. Those are the moments I live for… other than the check that comes in the mail.” --Alan Dean Foster

Went to several other panels, on writing and costuming. Met and actually got to chat with Jakebe, who was someone I’d known mostly as a name online. Got to exchange a few nice words with Rikoshi and Kyell and Kit (the tech-savvy wolf not my wife) here and there. Always kind folks.

Kit (my wife this time), Trey, and I got to head out to dinner with Far, BeetleCat, and their friend Matt Panther, which was awesome. Got to chat a bit with Far and Beetle about the wedding. Also folks that I’d known virtually and was tickled to finally get a chance to talk to for any length of time.

One of the best panels, IMHO, was Saturday night’s “Plush Construction” by the North Sound crew. It became a wandering 2+ hour discussion about every material they had in their sewing boxes and remnant piles. But for me, that’s fascinating talk. :) And a roomful of other folks, too, as they kept a good crowd there until the end.

I didn’t wind up doing much fursuiting at this con, though the coyotes (Mischief and Malice) did get out a bit. Also they got some nice Cooner name badges so they can be officially identified. Hopefully we’ll see more coyotes (and possibly a new rat partial) at FC.

Many thanks and fuzzy hugs to all the friends, old and new, that I saw there (which is a long, long list I will not attempt to enumerate). Thanks also to the RF staff for the hard work puttin’ on the show. Squeak!

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