Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Happy Halloween!

Got my new partial fursuit done! No proper photos yet but do have some tidbits to share...

To begin with, this has been my sewing machine since waaaaay back when I seriously started making fursuits.

I bought this used for $60 sometime around '98. It was heavy and persnickety but it could sew through a lot. I went through many yards of fur on this thing. I knew it was on its last legs, since I had to tape the stitch length knob to keep it from wandering to progressively longer stitches and the reverse button sometimes got jammed.

It finally fully died. The Saturday before Halloween. When I'm trying to finish a fursuit... Natch.

This is my new used sewing machine. It's a simple Pfaff, which is a very respectable brand, and does just the basic stitches. But it's solid and seems to have really steady mechanics. Can go through two layers of shag fur without blinking; can go through four layers of fur as long as you don't jam full speed.

Plus: walking foot. (finally! OMG this is such an aid on fur.)

So, with the help of that, I managed to just finish my Halloween costume:

It's a rat partial and, as mentioned, I'll get better pics soon.

I wore it to work. People had been asking me on the weeks leading up to Halloween if I was going to be coming in a new costume so I've established my reputation. :) This was an impromptu pic taken during a meeting. Yes, I went to several meetings in suit. It was hilarious watching some of the people try to talk without getting distracted by the giant cartoon rat. :D

I also rode the ferry back home in fursuit, a first for me. I've never commuted "in the fur" before. :)

Then met up with the family and some local friends (from preschool) to take the kids around downtown where the stores do a main street trick-or-treat. Fun!

And a bonus Lottie picture! This was a pause during head fitting.

Because rats are good daddies, too.

Happy Halloween everyone!
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