Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Trey's Visit - Hiking and Dinner

Trey came up to visit for the concert and stayed through the weekend. Got together with some local friends, hung around the house, participated in various shenanigans involving 400 feet of ski lift cable and an irate piano tuner -- y'know, the usual.

On Sunday, having completed chores and paid necessary federal fines, we had some extra time in the afternoon to explore the island. We had a chance to go hiking at Gazzam Lake. (I've checked, there is no "Or" in front of that name. What a toponym that would be!)

This is a small lake (since we live on a small island) but we'd not had a chance to visit it yet. So we packed along kids and dogs and tromped around as I attempted to take photos with my camera in failing light... so apologies for quality.

Gallery Link (13 pics)

Since Trey was up, cooking also transpired. We jointly cooked a nice Chinese dinner. He handled an improvised hot and sour soup while I did beef with green beans in spicy black bean sauce and a very pleasing fried rice. Quite a satisfying meal - definitely my choice for comfort food.
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