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Further Confusion: Pre-Con Jitters

And so Further Confusion bears down upon us like an avalanche of runaway steamrollers.

Davina, my editor, has the galley copies of the book back and says they're looking pretty nice. I can't wait to see them. I hope other people are impressed.

I've got the secret media for the Iron Artist event... Boy, is it a challenging one this year! I always fear that the artists will produce nothing and yet, so far, they've always risen to the challenge. My hat is off to them. We'll see what happens this year.

We're doing the improv workshop again this year but no improv show. The workshop will have sign-ups to try to limit the number of people. We've tried different things and this is yet another attempt to keep the workshop small enough that it's manageable and actually educational for the players involved. We'll see how it works.

Other than that... I've got a number of miscellaneous panels to run. They don't require too much prep, though. I don't know if I'll actually get any time to be in costume, yet. We'll see...

On top of all this, one of our pet rats is not doing well. He's suffering from a fairly serious problem and likely near the end of his life. Since he needs medication and attention, kit_ping and I will be running back and forth on alternate evenings to make sure someone's with him each morning and evening. Yet another logistical challenge that adds to the frun of FC.

Anyhow... Enough rambling! I hope everyone at the con has fun!

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