Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Rodent Invasion

I was all excited when this headline popped up in my news feed:
Rats the Size of House Cats Invade Florida!

"It's begun!" I thought. "The mighty rodent uprising! The foolish and complacent humans will..." Then I saw that it was just another article about Gambian pouched rats.

Don't get me wrong, they're still cool and all. They are rats that get up to three feet in size but also make nice pets. (That photo isn't forced perspective or anything.) Additionally, they are used in the Hero Rats project where they are detecting land mines and helping to clean up Tanzania.

Unfortunately, Gambian pouched rats have also been released into the wild in Florida and are now considered an invasive pest. (Wow, man introduced a captive animal and it got loose and caused problems? Never heard of that before.)

So, until the Rodent Invasion actually happens, I'll just have to content myself with encouraging, bouncy songs. I highly recommend "Evil Genius" by Eleventyseven:

Yeah I should've known
I'd end up at home
Watching my starwars box trilogy.
But here is the truth,
If she only knew
That I've got a secret she'd never believe

Kelly doesn't know that I'm an Evil Genius
With a sidekick dog named Grover Cleveland.
And she'll never know that
We can take over the world

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