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One of our pets has just passed away. It has been quite difficult for me and Kit since his health has been failing for the last month. Not everyone may find rats lovable but we sure loved Martin while he was with us; he returned the favor and brought much joy to us.

Martin was almost two and a half years old, a respectable age for a rat. We purchased him and his brother, Matthias, from a local pet store after we'd settled into our new house.

Martin likely succumbed to a respiratory infection. When we came home this evening we saw that he was slumped in his cage and uninterested in food or water. In the final hour, we held and comforted him as he strained to breathe. He died at approximately 9:30, still cradled in our arms.

We take some comfort in knowing that we gave him a happy life. He lived in luxury by rat standards and had two doting owners. We did what we could for him.

"He's gone wherever good rats go."
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