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Leftover Updates (1/2 off sale!)

FC 2004

I never did get around to writing a con summary. Many others did a fine job so I won't rehash my experiences in detail. I do want to say that I saw some of the best costumes this year! Fan costumes are getting scarily good. (I also had a chance to actually sit and chat with Scribble, a fursuiter I really admire, rather than the normal in-passing con talk; wonderful fellow.)

Iron Artist IV

I do want to say that I had a blast at this year's IA competition. Thanks to everyone for watching, participating, and helping. I'm not sure this show was our strongest (I would pick last year's tattoos as the best); audience impressions were mixed, depending on people I've talked to.

I thought bringing up an artist from the audience to judge worked. And great efforts by the artists with an admittedly difficult media. (We have to challenge them!) Some close results (and no ties this year, thank goodness). I wish I'd kept the scoring sheets since I don't actually remember the point totals! I'll have to ask Loran or someone for an FCTV tape replay sometime. It'd be good to keep a record of that.

I definitely look forward to IA next year. the_gneech showed some great creativity and was the first to ever beat Vince (cody_frost) on stage. Marci and Amara (electricgecko) are interesting to watch at work, I think, so they make good Iron Artists from an audience's point of view. A tough panel for the challengers to beat!

And, yes, we've already chosen the next secret media... It's not as exotic and unfamiliar as balloons but it does have its own unique complications. Heh heh. :>

Weekend Car Rallye

On a totally different subject, this past weekend Chez Lunatiques went out on another puzzle rallye. It was a good one with a Lord of the Rings theme. Fun driving about darkened parts of Mountain View and Palo Alto arguing about semantics in the directions.

We ended up placing second in the Senior division. We actually tied the group winner on points in the rallye but lost the tiebreaker question ("What is the copyright date on 'The Two Towers' book?"). So close!


Happy (approximate) birthday to 3catsjackson and chairoraccoon!
[edit] And also to crocodile since I just found out it's his as well! (Jeez, so confusing... I have enough trouble keeping track of my own birthday...)

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