Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Timothy's First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was Timothy's first full day of school. He went to Mrs. Darling's (really) kindergarten class.

The long, lonely wait for the schoolbus. Well, lonely except for dad and auntie. But they can stand off to the side while Tim bravely watches for the bus.

We start the morning with the walk out to the street. Okay, untrue. He starts the morning by complaining that his alarm clock is set "too soon" and he's tired. I heartily agree with his points but say that we need to get up anyway because that's when the bus comes. I shield him from the harsh truth that much of the world runs on a schedule that sucks for night people and the alarm clock will always be "too soon".

At the bus, though, there was no sniffling or clinging or crying. He was totally ready and self-possessed. Hopped right on the bus and wandered back to find a seat. By the time he'd reached school, he'd become friends with the girl on the next seat. (I don't know where he gets this easy social extroversion but it's always surprising to Kit and me.)

You know it's official. He has a kindergarten cubby with his name on it! We got to go in yesterday and tour the school. The classroom looks quite nice and Mrs. Darling seemed good. I'm quite excited myself to see him entering school.

Home at last! Asked how he liked kindergarten, his verdict was "AWESOME!"
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