Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Word Evolution Puzzle

Another word puzzle! The following are chains of words where each one is formed by adding one new letter to the previous one. Each word in the chain has a (sometimes obtuse) hint along with the number of letters in that word. (Feel free to post answers; consider the comments section to be spoilers.)

Vehicle (3) -- CAR
Sear (4) -- CHAR
Appeal (5) -- CHARM
Bracelet fobs (6) -- CHARMS

Chain 1
Baby bear (3)
Box (4)
Diced bread (5)
Inhibited (6)

Chain 2
Decay (3)
Habitual (4)
Carve wood (5)
Pathways (6)

Chain 3
Mongrel (3)
Heal (4)
Harm (5)
Pathway (6)

Chain 4
Hat (3)
String clamp (4)
Fowl (5)
Tax cheat? (6)

Chain 5
Boy (2)
Girl (3)
Listen (4)
Love (5)
Home (6)

Chain 6
Able to (3)
Sugar source (4)
Beaten (5)
Preserved (6)
Skimmed (7)

Chain 7
Number like a dessert (2)
Dessert like a number (3)
More dessert, please! (4)
CIA and NSA, perhaps? (5)
Places for crosses (6)
Seeks to be (7)

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