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RainFurrest 2012

I never really posted a con recap but I did have a great time. Special thanks to the staff!

Things seemed to click at this con. I managed to see a lot of friends and meet some new ones, too. A foot injury prevented any heavy fursuiting (no dances. boo.) but there was still lots of fun to be had.

I ended up doing four panels, double the number I was listed for in the program book. :)

Religion (and Atheism!) in the News

Recently a national survey showed atheists at nearly 20% of the US population. The number "unaffiliated with any religious group" also rose dramatically. Protestants, for the first time, technically became a minority, slipping below the 50% mark.

I think that pairs well with this CNN commentary To Some, Obama is the "Wrong" Kind of Christian.

Life and Work

Work has been very busy but generally a good sort of busy. Means less time for fursuiting and writing recently, which has been a bit of a bummer.

Though I am still getting some nice time with the kids. Had a cool outing last weekend. Going to Red Robin for lunch still makes their day so things can still be simple pleasers, too. :)

Also, at work a while back groups shuffled building locations. One of the engineers (whom I don't know) in a group on the end of the floor put up a "Brony and Proud" poster above his cube!


Okay, points for taking on Tom and Crow, two hard-to-translate characters! Good creative adaptation. From a sci-fi con article here.

Matrices posted on the fursuit group with links to some of her favorite past technique/tutorial posts. I'd missed this interesting one about how to use smocking (yes, that's a proper sewing term) to simulate stretch fur! Clever.

Also, Java recently created a fabulously cute polar bear! He's up for auction and has passed the $4000 mark (2 days to go). Well-deserved as I know her workmanship is great and this guy is a real cutie. :) Kudos, Java!


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