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Updates on Various Topics

Family & Friends

We've had friends staying recently: Marko departed after Halloween and currently Trey is visiting. We went out yesterday for a hike on a hidden little trail through a wooded reserve right in the middle of Poulsbo. That was followed by purchasing pastries at the scandinavian bakery and a family lunch. Tonight, Trey, Kit, and I managed to get away for an adults-only dinner (thanks to the good graces of Ruth babysitting the kids) and it was most relaxing.

Furry Fashion

One errand yesterday was clothes shopping. Lottie needed some new outfits so we stopped by the girls' section in JCPenney. They had a series of super-cute animal hoodies! We got the one above for our Lottie-zilla. ("Terror of the Living Room! See her knock over block towers! Now in Sensurround at a theater near you.") I dunno that it's furry influencing mainstream but these definitely had a bit of a Bunnywarez look to them.

We had a succession of things around the house that broke and needed to be repaired. Some (loose bathroom faucet) keep getting delayed because more urgent things come up. The latest is the dishwasher. We've been doing dishes by hand for a bit more than a month and it's all the thrill and fun I remember from the last time we lived somewhere without a dishwasher. :P

Home Depot started their Black Friday sale last Thursday (?!?) so we took advantage of the savings to get a replacement. This coming Thursday it's scheduled to be delivered and installed. Huzzah!


Slowly progressing on projects, a few hours a week. I finished cutting all the pieces for the current pattern. (Commissioned seekrit project.) It's based on a tape dummy so the pattern is a bitch; not at all like the neat and symmetrical ones I like to do via draping and drafting.

BTW, setting up a closed room with a box fan and a dehudifier (also with fan) is the best fursuit drying trick I've found. The fan is the most important part but the dehumidifier turbocharges it.

I submitted a short story to a furry anthology several months back. I recently got an email that I'd been picked for the final editing group! So I may likely get into print in what would be my first paid fiction publication credit. :D (I have already done paid non-fiction and paid unpublished fiction and unpaid published fiction and... yeah. Still, this one's really exciting!) I'll let you know as I know more.

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