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Various Things to Share

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving (to my US readers -- happy fall Thursday to everyone else). We are down at my mom's place.

Driving down yesterday was unpleasant and long, as we expected. We made sure we weren't in too much of a hurry and had snacks in the car. National traffic jam day. On the way home, we'll leave Saturday night and see if we can avoid the Sunday traffic.

We also just did the insane thing of going to the supermarket on Thanksgiving morning. Surprisingly, wasn't too bad! Getting Starbucks (caaaaafffeeeeeine) took as long as the actual shopping and checkout. :P

About to start cooking...

Awesome Magic
Penn & Teller have a show called "Fool Us" where they invite magicians to perform and P&T see if they can tell how the trick was accomplished. There are a lot that they get, some that fool them, and some that are truly remarkable.

This is probably the best card trick I've ever seen. And if you know how fond I am of close magic and manipulation, you know that's no faint praise. (I don't do magic tricks myself, I'm just an avid fan of the art.)

Newshounds, Final Book
TK is working on trying to get the final book together to cap his second Newshounds series. If you're a fan, please help him out! Here's the IndieGoGo site where he's raising funds to help cover expenses for it. He's a great friend and it's a great series so I'm happy to recommend this.

Newshounds, the Final Book

Slow progress on that stack o' pieces I showed before. Here's some of the pattern pieces laid out on my work table.

It's a pattern based on a tape wrap so it's... irregular. :P I'm used to draping and having patterns that are symmetrical and have seams in normal places. This one needed all sorts of fitted curves so I did a tape pattern. Very different technique. We'll see if it comes together in the end!


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