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"Bear at the Pond in August" [FA xpost] [Dec. 25th, 2012|03:50 pm]

oil on canvas, 22"x28" (big sucker)

This was done as a Christmas gift for my mom. My late father's totem was bear, hence the subject. She was quite pleased with it, which was quite gratifying (and relieving).

It's still a bit wet and needs to be sealed. We'll bring it down later once it's dry and framed.

And, yes, I'm of the Bob Ross school of oil painting. :)

[User Picture]From: nicodemusrat
2012-12-27 07:09 pm (UTC)
Excellent icon, first of all. :)

I was thinking you had an art background. Maybe it's just seeing the cool art you produce, I'd been incorrectly assuming! Somehow thought you'd mentioned studying it. Ah well. Ratty memory is sometimes a bit spotty. :P

Figure drawing is very much my weak point. I don't often draw full-body views of anything/anyone. Proportions just don't seem to work well for me, most of the time.

How It's Made has previously been one of our bedtime staples. :D Timothy got ready for bed watching a bunch of those. I'm using Bob Ross' soothing voice now while snuggling Lottie and getting her to drift off.

I was watching them online but the link/cataloging sites I used appear to have had the series removed. Googling may turn it up.
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From: silvertaine
2012-12-28 04:28 am (UTC)
Daw, thanks, and nah, you're right. I did do the art thing in college, but I also dropped out and worked here and there in-between, so I did a lot of self-taught learning too. There were a few times I had to try and explain to a teacher that I'd already started developing a style that wasn't compatible with some of their own approaches. [For example: I'm a sketcher. I don't make bold lines in one quick go. I build up a bunch of small strokes until everything's just where I want it. There's a reason for this, relating to how I see subjects in my mind. To fight that natural impulse only serves to cause heaps of frustration.]

I think you've got a good enough eye that you could handle figure painting with a bit of practice. Course, one always needs time in order to do stuff like that. ;) But srsly, back in the day, I filled a mini sketchbook with different sketches of hands, another one with feet, another with arms, etc, etc, etc. Eventually, I started figuring out how to piece all the sections together.

...still honestly kinda floating around that stage. o.O'

Hrm. Was hoping JoP might be on Hulu or Netflix. In a pinch, I suppose there is always YouTube. :D
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