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"Bear at the Pond in August" [FA xpost] [Dec. 25th, 2012|03:50 pm]

oil on canvas, 22"x28" (big sucker)

This was done as a Christmas gift for my mom. My late father's totem was bear, hence the subject. She was quite pleased with it, which was quite gratifying (and relieving).

It's still a bit wet and needs to be sealed. We'll bring it down later once it's dry and framed.

And, yes, I'm of the Bob Ross school of oil painting. :)

From: silvertaine
2012-12-28 04:28 am (UTC)
Daw, thanks, and nah, you're right. I did do the art thing in college, but I also dropped out and worked here and there in-between, so I did a lot of self-taught learning too. There were a few times I had to try and explain to a teacher that I'd already started developing a style that wasn't compatible with some of their own approaches. [For example: I'm a sketcher. I don't make bold lines in one quick go. I build up a bunch of small strokes until everything's just where I want it. There's a reason for this, relating to how I see subjects in my mind. To fight that natural impulse only serves to cause heaps of frustration.]

I think you've got a good enough eye that you could handle figure painting with a bit of practice. Course, one always needs time in order to do stuff like that. ;) But srsly, back in the day, I filled a mini sketchbook with different sketches of hands, another one with feet, another with arms, etc, etc, etc. Eventually, I started figuring out how to piece all the sections together.

...still honestly kinda floating around that stage. o.O'

Hrm. Was hoping JoP might be on Hulu or Netflix. In a pinch, I suppose there is always YouTube. :D
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