Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Very Odds and Ends

For the rodent panel at FC, I put together a slideshow quiz on famous rodent characters in TV and movies. If I get time/motivation, I'll see about posting that here for everyone.

I did unearth some interesting voice acting trivia:


Another scrap of rodent lore... The Giant Rat of Sumatra! Sherlock Holmes refers to this as a case of his in "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire" but Conan-Doyle never wrote this story. (Holmes declared that the world was not ready for it, in this one reference.)

Many authors, subsequently, have sought to fill in this gap with their own tales. One of the oddest ones is probably the Firesign Theater sketch, which is a surreal verbal free-association ride.

Most obscure? The book Watership Down (possibly my favorite novel) references it! In one of the rabbit tales, talking about the evil spirits in the supernatural world, they say the worst is "the great rat spirit, the giant of Sumatra, the curse of Hamelin." :D


Unrelated, I was watching Charlie the Unicorn (ep 4 was just recently released) and it occured to me that, since it involved unicorns already, it was just begging for a surreal My Little Pony crossover...

Sometimes, the Internet doesn't disappoint. It's got exactly what you expect. (I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.)


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