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Missing Memes

Okay... I don't get this one. What's up with this MP3
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Okay... I don't get this one. What's up with <A HREF="">this</A> <A HREF="">MP3</A> <A HREF=""</A>playlist</A> <A HREF="">meme</A>?

I need instructions, apparently. It seems to be people copying 10-30 songs from WinAmp. (<I>By hand</i>? Or can you somehow cut/paste this?) People also mention randomizing their playlist.

Okay, here's where I get more confused: which playlist? I have about 30 WinAmp playlists in addition to playlists for favorite artists and albums. Each playlist has 5-20 songs, typically. When I open WinAmp, I pick a playlist based on either my mood or the song stuck in my head at the moment. I then sometimes <I>add</I> two or three more playlists to create that day's combo.

So... Which playlist should I select songs from? I mean, heck, I'd love to be a lemming for another meme if I could just figure it out!
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