Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

The Raccoon Returns

The other day, I opened a package... The long awaited Sly Cooper 4 game. The raccoon is back with new adventures!

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

I admit, I was rather leery, knowing that it was from a different studio (Sanzaru vs Sucker Punch) and it was a sequel with " Time!" in the title.

But thus far it seems pretty good! Most importantly, it feels like a Sly Cooper game. He moves slightly differently (a little more rounded and less sharp in his movements) and his appearance has changed slightly. I think it's good - he ends up looking slightly older, which is appropriate given he was supposed to be 19 in the first game IIRC and this is now a number of years on.

I've only played through the intro and first episode. Sly has returned to his thieving ways, unable to resist. The gang gets back together and discovers someone has been messing with the past. The Cooper history is being erased! In the wrapup cut scenes from game 3 they did indicate Bentley and Penelope were building a time machine. They've finished and it looks like someone else has built one too...

The first ancestor you meet is Rioichi Cooper of feudal Japan. (Points for continuity -- he was mentioned in the first game.) Cool character! Love the look of him. Dang, I didn't need another fursuit project! ...Maybe just a partial... Hmm... ;)

This game continues with the character voices (something I was worried about with the studio switch). Same folks as Sly, Murray, and Bentley. And the tradition of a new artist and accent for Carmelita in each game continues. :P

So for a while I'll be doing a bit of fanboying and obsessive gaming. Because, y'know, awesome cute raccoon thief. Who can resist?

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