Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Call for "Critter Costuming" Book Reviews!

I'm submitting an article for consideration in an upcoming issue of a costumer magazine. My book may be featured as well, if they get a good ("well-written," that is) review for it.

You can help!

If you're a fursuiter who's read my book and you want to write a book review and you'd like to help me out, head over to FA. Patch Packrat, a bookseller who carries my book, has put out a call for reviews. (This way it's out of my hands and there's appropriate distance from any appearance of cherry picking.)

If it sounds interesting and you'd like to help me out, please give it some consideration. If it's not for you but you know someone you think would do a great job with it, please pass this along. Thanks!

Patch is offering 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes for his picks of the submitted reviews. Win stuff!

If your review is featured I personally promise you unlimited* fursuit fuzzles! :D

* Offer limited to physical proximity, me being in suit, me not collapsing from exhaustion, claim period, and the review being all nice and stuff. Void where prohibited. Not responsible for loose fluff left stuck to clothes.

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