Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Recent Snapshots

I made blueberry muffins Saturday. I did a tray of full-size muffins, a tray of small muffins, and a half dozen of these overly-twee mini-muffins. :) The wrappers are reusable silicone cups, so none of that annoying sticking paper. Timothy helped make these, by the way. He does enjoy cooking when in the right mood.

We have had some lovely weather in the past few days. This is a view from one of my work's buildings. (I'm currently meeting folks in 3 separated buildings so getting some walking exercise.)

Who's surprised by my choice in root beer brands? :) To tell the truth, there is one brand I prefer over this (Jack's Black) but BevMo didn't have it. Still, this stuff is pretty good and you get the bonus rattiness in it. Figuratively.

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