Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Fall Reflections

Yesterday, Timothy and I rode out to the community hall down the street from us. It’s the farthest he’s ridden on his bike on a street yet.

It was such a great fall day one couldn’t help but want to be outside to experience it. He also noticed the details in the changing season, delighted at being outside, whooping as he went down the one really steep hill on the bumpy street.

The air has that undeniable crisp edge to it yet the sun was shining, glinting off the slick pavement. Fir trees shed needles and chaff in a constant rain as the wind sang across our little island. Deciduous trees in yellows and ambers rattled as they tried to modestly hold onto their drying leaves.

Even in that short stretch we passed a number of other folks out walking, jogging, or – as one group of children – playing in leaves piling up at the park. It’s hard to ignore a nice fall day.

Timothy rode most of the way, getting off to walk only on a few of the steep inclines. He fell only once, as we turned into the parking area of the hall and he hit a combination of layered leaves and wet moss underneath. He landed well and issued his quick, reflexive, “I’m okay!”

I will remember that look of pleasant surprise when I confirmed that the little white building of the hall is the same one that we walk to and it takes a good twenty minutes. How much faster it is on bikes! The world begins to open up to him. Someday it’ll be a car, and the delight in how close things are that took so long on a bike.

But not quite yet. We’ll pause for a moment and enjoy this fleeting fall day.


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