Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Writing Update

I dusted off the old NaNoWriMo account -- they still have my records -- and set it up for this year.

That said, I do not expect to make the goal. There are lots of things going on so I'm going to be writing almost entirely during my ferry commutes, which based on past experience points to a max of around 1000 words per day (not the 1,667 required to hit the NaNoWriMo novel goal). Still, it's good motivation to strengthen my writing habit where I've been slacking. (In part due to not having a personal laptop for a few weeks.)

Besides, Kit called dibs so I have extra parent duties to support her effort this year! :)

What am I writing now?

"Pack of Mind"
It's cyberpunk with werewolves! Hey, I write what I'd want to read! :D Furry and exciting (hopefully).

The werewolves (humans with genetic bodmods) get to be the genre-requisite gritty antiheroes. The protagonist falls into an uneasy alliance with them as he tries to clear his name with the police, a semi-corporate entity, after being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meanwhile, the chief of police is on a fanatical crusade to rid his city of the werewolf gangs and will go to surprising lengths to succeed.

What else have I been up to?

This short story will appear in the upcoming "Abandoned Places" anthology from FurPlanet. I turned in my edits on the proof. I must admit, I'm rather pleased with how this turned out, especially as I don't normally do shorts with such a horror flavor. I also got to read the other stories in the anthology proof and there are some real winners; I'm humbled to be included among such peers.

"Gods of Eventide"
I've been doing edits on this YA fantasy novel manuscript. (It's marginally furry.) I'd like to get this into good shape as I feel it has real potential.

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