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For those of us that are actually familiar with code and programming, it's sometimes hilarious what gets stuck into shows. This is not the obvious dialog gaffes (e.g. the infamous Jurassic Park "Unix" line) but the visual screen fillers.

I can see how it happens. The director needs something "impressive and technical-looking" and figures no one will really look at it... it just needs to be a bunch of text, ideally in old-school green monospace font. It's not the important part of the show. It has nothing to do with the plot. Yet... some people do care.

Most recent example he's posted:

From "Castle", this is a "virus subroutine". With a comment at the top labeling it as a JavaScript routine for a pop-up dialog and the programming example site they got it from. Maybe there's a savvy effects crew member who knew and just wanted to make programmers who bothered to read it grin? :)

Also, I want that wicked search results dialog box! Way cooler looking than my IDEs ever were.

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