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A rat by any other name would smell as.. um.. nevermind.

I'm bored, headachy, and not in the mood to think... sounds like LJ-meme time to me! So here's the name meme instead of a real entry:

If you call me Adam, you're one of most non-furries or several furries I know.
If you call me a-Dam, you're my manager at work with the cool Parisian accent.
If you call me Adam Riggs, you're evidently making a formal introduction at a banquet and I'll need to quickly figure out what I'm doing there.
If you call me Mr. Riggs, you're a telemarketer or my longtime* barber, Tim.
If you call me Nicodemus, you're either a furry, one of a few non-furry friends, or someone telling me my order is ready.
If you call me Mr. O'Diemus, you're someone who wrote the name down wrong when I gave the order.
If you call me Nic, you're probably a furry I know pretty well.
If you call me Nico, you're probably Flint. (He can somehow roll the "o" and make it sound cool.)
If you call me Mawhrin, you're from my old roleplaying group and are, for some reason, still in character.
If you call me Dr. F, you're probably on the MFT3000 film crew.
If you call me Charley, you've dialed the wrong number.
If you call me Neddie or Mrs. Smoker, you're 3catsjackson engaging me in odd comedy bits.
If you call me love, you're my wife or about to be slapped.

Did I leave anyone out?

* Since birth. Really.
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