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Resolution: Black Truffle

New ingredient 1: Black Truffle.
This is part of my New Years Resolution.

This is the first dish in my quest to use new ingredients. I've had a truffle sitting in my pantry that I've been meaning to use for a while. Tonight I finally got a chance to use it.

I prepared a roast chicken with truffles. Along with that was some apple dressing and green beans topped with sauteed mushrooms. This was paired with Perigueux sauce, a rich combination of stock, Madiera, and truffles.

It came out very well, I thought. I like the rich earthy taste of the wine and truffles with chicken, even though reds aren't traditional with poultry (AFAIK). The sauce (technically a gravy as I did finish it with some cornstarch rather than doing a pure reduction) went very well with the simple apple and bread stuffing.

All in all, success for the first new ingredient! (If anyone wants further recipe details, speak up and I can post 'em.)
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