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Not yet a meme

This grew out of a conversation my wife and I had. Set up as a quiz/meme in case other people want to gank it.

1. What car do you currently drive?

A '97 Saturn SL2 Sedan.

2. Why?

Economical and durable. It also has a decent crash rating for its class. The Saturn's been a pretty good car for the money, actually, having had only a few troubles in over 100K miles.

3. What's your vehicle of choice, if money were no option?

The Plymouth Prowler, metallic purple, 2000 edition.

4. Why?

C'mon, look at it! :) I love the retro hot rod form combined with modern styling. It gives it a great flair.

5. What contemporary car would you absolutely NOT want to own?

Either the Honda Element or the Hummer. I think they're about equally ugly since I'm really not into the boxy shape. In the end, the Hummer wins out for my least desirable due to it's poor gas mileage.

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