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Gentle Folk, the Egil's Weekend Tale

We returned last night --technically, early this morning-- from the Egil's weekend event. This was my first SCA event where I was an official attendee (though not yet a society member).

It was a good deal of fun. Much more so than faires, I'd say; it didn't have the horrible money-sucking-drive that seems to taint them for me. Instead, it was a much friendlier crowd (around 1750 people?), fewer higher-quality merchants, and some excellent fighting competition.

I did finish most of the garb I wanted to. I made some nice lighweight cotton tunics for myself and 3catsjackson and woolen hooded cloaks. I only had time for one pair of breeches and I'm still not happy with the patterning there. But I did have time to create three nifty suede water bottle skins and three thick leather belts for myself, 3cats, and kit_ping.

Speaking of whom, she didn't have quite the fantastic planned time either. We were busy packing things up Friday, getting ready to leave, when she took a tumble down the stairs. She injured her arm (only), was in a great amount of pain, and had limited mobility. Off to the emergency room!

Turns out she had broken her arm. Specifically, she cracked the larger of the two arm bones (ulna, IIRC) near the ball that forms the wrist joint. (I got to see the Xrays, which I'll admit was somewhat exciting since I hadn't seen any of the hand area before... They look just like on TV except that, when you get close, you realize that they reproduce quite a bit of fine detail and brightness gradation.)

So they put her in a splint. (Eventually. Busy ER that day.) She, bless her, wanted to still go to camping at Egil's. So off we went, hours late, northwards. We stopped overnight (at 3:30am) in Roseville, OR. That was our last chance to sleep in actual beds before heading out to the event tomorrow morning.

A special thanks to witchofnovember and agentmiss (happy bday!) for providing so much of the camping gear. They are more SCA-involved and were able to show us the ropes. Besides, we don't (didn't) own much camping gear since I've generally had a rather dim view of it. Nothing wrong with camping as a necessity but it doesn't make for a vacation. Indeed, I am today rather tired.
I also am very sensitive to cold and sleeping on hard surfaces. Both are not good if you want to be a hardy camper. We'll work on it (via thick-n-puffy sleeping bags).

Still, it was fun if rather exhausting. And Kit was well-distracted while keeping her arm immobile and elevated.

If I get a chance, I'll post pics of the garb I made, since I know mothermonster would like to see it. Didn't actually take any pics on this trip, though.

Oh, and I had an excuse to juggle about for a bit. That's always good!

Now that I've recounted the weekend and demonstrated my lack of mental focus, I'll leave it here. :)

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