Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Weekend Summary

Friday saw a bad movie night at our place. (Specifically, downstairs in 3catsjackson's living room.) Thanks to everyone who attended! I hope all had fun. Also thanks to 3cats for the yummy meatballs and kit_ping for the homemade chocolate truffles.

The movies were Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings and Time Master.

The first is a really really cheap kid's movie attempting to cash in on both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. It's about two dozen people slouching through their parts in a ren faire, random woods, and a cave. That's pretty much it. Although it does deserve mention that it features one of the most horrible talking mouse characters ever.

The second is a confused mess of a time travel movie. Also a kids' movie and also really bad. This one features Pat "Kangaroddy Kid" Morita and Michael "Worf" Dorn. It attempts to be a bit self-consciously camp and fun, but there isn't enough fun to go around. But it does explain human nature by revealing that large parts of history are really a reality game show played by the time-travelling human-looking aliens of the future.

The rest of the weekend? Saturday was a rallye pre-check (dry run with someone else driving) for the puzzle rallye we're writing. That went pretty well. Sunday was spent doing things around the house, having a headache, and coding.

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