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Interview Meme (finally)

I finally gave in and did the interview meme, courtesy of marko_the_rat.

1. I gather your household includes your wife and a housemate. How do the dynamics of the household work? Do you and Kit ever feel "crowded"?

Chez Lunatiques (front view)
Oddly enough, we were talking about this just last night...

Yes, Chez Lunatiques, as we like to call our little abode, has three residents. It's a Victorian row house converted to an up/down duplex. kit_ping and I live upstairs while 3catsjackson lives downstairs.

It actually doesn't feel too crowded. We have separate spaces but are close enough for random chatting, dinner sharing, pet-sitting, etc.

I think we worked out the secret last night: separate kitchens. :)

2. What is it about you that you identify as being rat-like?

Hmmm... Well, I have a habit of hoarding things, like cheese far too much but am generally omnivorous, am mildly agorophobic, am not too fond of bright light, I like being underground, I'm sometimes a bit scruffy, and I have stiff black fur. No, wait, that last one was just a dream.

3. Since we're talking so much about stereotypes, what steretype do you think the rest of the world has (I'd ask you to focus on Australia, but that might be too hard) about America that is most unfair?

We don't care about the world outside of the U.S.?

Oh, wait, "unfair"? Dang. That one's borderline, I think. At least, given what I've seen, I've become rather cynical about it. Some of us care.

How about: big. There seems to be a certain image of Americans being big-obsessed: Big Americans eating Big Macs in big cars wearing big hats and blathering in big voices. That one rings false to me.

I dunno. It's a diverse country and, from inside, hard to pick one stereotype that covers the country rather than being a regionalism.

4. I know you've written a book which is due to be published. Why did you decide to write it?

Critter Costuming
Yes, the book is currently (AFAIK) being printed. I decided to write it, literally, because I was asked to. :) A friend of mine runs a (very) small publishing company. She publishes costume books (non-furry) and wanted to branch out.

I suppose the reason I did the book was because of my website. When I got into fursuiting, I got a lot of help from some other experienced folks. I wanted to pass on the knowledge (it's the teacher in me) so I created an informational website. That grew, I began doing panels at cons, and people began knowing who I was (even though I've produced far fewer costumes than some of the prolific fursuiters out there today).

The book was an extension of this stuff I was already doing. But it was also a chance ot assemble something more formal and permanent that would be avialable to a wider audience.

5. (Here's a curly one.) What little idiosyncrasy have you noticed about Kit, but which just makes you love her more?

When she gets really excited, she sometimes starts speaking too fast and the words come out in completely the wrong order. A little lexical traffic jam. :) It's cute.

Thanks for the good questions!

And now, the meme perpetuation (i.e. Instructions):

1 -- Leave a comment here saying you want to be interviewed.
2 -- I'll ask you five questions.
3 -- You'll update YOUR journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 -- You'll include this explanation.
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