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Fursuit Site Updated (Finally! Yay!)

The long-awaited version 4.0 overhaul of my site is finally done! (The first version, 1.0, went up in late 1997 to chronicle the construction of my first fursuit, Widge. Some of the original files were still there, too.)

Nicodemus' Fursuit Pages

It's all new 'n' spiffy, thanks to massive amounts of help from 3catsjackson. [geek]The site is now generated from XML source using XSLT templates.[/geek] I'm really happy with the result. It should also be much easier to maintain and update.

A lot of the old content is still there, somewhat revised. There's also new stuff, such as the Headcasting Step-by-Step. (Which I'm sure diadexxus is glad to finally see! ;) There's still more work to be done on the site, but the big changes are finally finished.

The site has also been updated to tie in with the book. There's not much duplicated content, but they do share some photographs and style now.

Check it out and lemme know what you think! :>
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