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Christmas Coon

Last Friday, I got a chance to do some holiday fursuitin'. I even got to meet the big man of the season:

(click to enlarge)

Thanks to toraneko for organizing the event. It was the San Leandro holiday tree lighting ceremony. (Though I'm given to understand that there was not a tree per se, since that's not PC. Sheesh.) Afterwards, there was a general street fair and holiday show. Lots of local families and little kids running about.

I had fun performing as Cy Coon. I made a little holiday capelet from a tree skirt and some ribbon; it's a cheap and quick way to make an accessory with just a little sewing. (And there were enough santa hats on critters already.)

Had some great fun with fellow performers, including Trendane (Raggs), terraluna_bat, 3catsjackson (Cody Wolf), Kingsford, and minnieme4rl (Miss Kitty). Lots of great help from others, including yippee, crocodile, purplecat, penhgwyn, and M. (Many of who had performed earlier that day.) Thanks to Jimmy who did a lot of good spotting for me (there are a couple troublemakers in every crowd).

Generally, though, it was a good event. Nice venue. Good crowd with lots of little kids. Nice Hugs Per Minute (HPM) quotient. ;)

Cheers, everyfur! Happy Holidays!

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