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Travel Update

We're now about to leave Denver on our way to San Francisco... Our home but not our destination. Our luggage is in Portland and we hope to land, someday, in Seattle.

Kit says she'll post when she stops swearing on every third word.

Thanks for offers of assistance/accomodation in Seattle, but a ride has already been arranged back down to Portland.


We're now in San Francisco International. Despite being so close to home, we're forging ahead to Seattle. Sorta like Portland. Just 170 miles off course. But arrangements have been made and, though these things are never certain, it's looking promising that we'll make it to the folks' house for Christmas Eve.

We're also feeling a bit better. We got a good four hours sleep at a hotel in Denver. That, plus drugs, have helped to keep my migraines in check, too. ("Hooray for chemicals!")

(Thanks again for sympathies and offers of accomodation!)

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