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Random Fictional Questions Meme

I picked this up from yippee.
He got it from kinkyturtle, who got it from strredwolf, who got it from graveyardgreg, who got it from acestatic, who got it from blackwell.

This is an information egg, a virus. I am a nexus in a hive of spider veins.

Comment, and I will ask you five questions. Answer them fictionally.

Answer them with words, answer them with photographs, answer them with art, answer them with music. Put your answers in your own LJ, in my comments section, in the comments section of your best friend, on your website.

Mutate; little virus, Spread and Spray.

(Possibly the cheesiest virus header in Internet history, but I left it intact. -- Nico)

Questions from Da Coyote:

1) What inspired you to cross the English Channel using naught but seven Pool Noodles and an egg beater?

Well, the previous record for "silliest Channel crossing" was set by Mr. Harold Rarebit in 1971 for making the crossing using only an oscillating fan, nine spatulas, and an inflatable Passionate Pam doll. It seemed like an easy record to beat, so I was inspired to give it a whirl.

I should point out a transcription error. I did, in fact, use "naught point seven" pool noodles. That's 0.7. I only had seven-tenths of a polyethylene extrusion, do you hear?

2) Mongoose or Snake?

Depends on the betting odds being offered. I'd go with the mongoose if it's more than 3:1. (Unless, of course, they're on artificial turf.)

3) Who put the straw in strawberry?

Chuck Berry.

4) Is that a clip-on?

Oh damn, I didn't think that was visible. Sorry! Hope I didn't offend anyone, there.

5) How do you balance your career with your Save the Spongebob campaign?

A nice, brass, standing arm balance. Picked it up at a flea market from an elderly Portugese woman for a song ("Danny Boy") and have found it very useful for balancing all manner of items.

And, please, remember to donate.

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