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Tech stuff

Robert Cringely, possibly the sharpest tech industry observer, has made some very interesting predictions about the why of the Mac Mini. Is Jobs setting up a grandstanding play?

Also, the other day, I stumbled onto a web site for a favorite game of mine, Dungeon Master. It was released in 1987 (I had it on the IIgs) and it won just about every award that existed. It basically created the first-person dungeon crawl genre (later seen in a bunch of SSI products, Bards Tale, Might&Magic, etc.). The game itself stands out as one of my favorites because it was extremely well-crafted, something too-rarely seen.

Turns out there are still a lot of fans of the game! In fact, there's a Windows and Linux port as well as over a dozen clones. Check out the encyclopedia site for more info, background, and game details. Pretty good for a game that's over 15 years old!
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