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Near Death (two feet) Experience

The oddest thing just happened.

I'm standing in the kitchen, chopping some vegetables for a mirepoix. Just assembling a simple chicken dinner. Slicing up broccoli stems, which I'm using instead of celery, when...


The light fixture smashes on the floor without warning! Having a chefly presence of mind, I manage not to slice off my thumb when I startle.

We have had one of those hemispherical glass fixtures that fits flush with the ceiling. The glass dome is held in place by a threaded rod running from the apex up to the base plate installed in the ceiling. Now I know that sometimes the fixture creaked a few minutes after the light was turned on; I knew that this was heat expansion, but I figured it was just parts of the lamp. Examining the rod, I'm not so sure...

The threading on the rod showed some wear. Could be that this was from regular changing of the light bulbs. Or, the threaded socket might've not had a tight grip on the rod and expanded due to heat. That would explain the noise of the fixture heating up; it was the rod slipping down a thread at a time!

The glass dome fell straight down, so the rod failed cleanly. I know it went straight since it impacted the floor with the metal finial at the bottom of the rod. It left a clean half-inch wide and eighth-inch deep crater in my linoleum, just two feet from where I was standing. Wow.
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