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Now taste the red-hot steel of Dr. Clayton "Firebrand" Forrester!

All the cool kids are doing it...

Yes, it's time to play "Name the Obscure MST3K Reference"!

Okay, I've tried to make it a bit tricky by throwing some curves in there... Let's see how you guys do. I'll leave comments visible so people can kibbitz. I am doing these from memory (on my lunch hour), so apologies for any phrasing errors. Answers, in the unlikely case they aren't guessed, will be posted in a few days. Enjoy, won't you? :>

1. "Insert Tab A into B Movie."

2. "The bacon truck is here!"

3. "Suddenly I have a refreshing minty flavor!"

4. "Here we come a-wasailing, etcetera etcetera!"

5. "Look! Polish!"

6. "It's the magic undressing bed."

7. "Pig liquor? Liquor made from pigs?"

8. "Do you like options? Sure, we all like options!"

9. "I can't take this anymore. I'm so bored."

10. "I'm going to go read my favorite Shakespeare play, Measure for Measure."

11. "The Marty Feldman story."

12. "You know, if you saw my leather lace-up boots, I'd have to kill you."

13. "Hingha Kahumm Spblbpb." "For our friends in foreign lands."

14. "Eht Namuh Srotacilpud!"

15. "Ah, Mister Jesus, you have a nasty habit of surviving..."
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